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Typical Contract Manufacturing Challenges

NVent was founded to solve the problems experienced in working with the typical contract manufacturing firm. These firms are often established by talented electrical or mechanical engineers and generally start out well. Unfortunately, as they grow, clients are frequently subjected to a revolving door of engineers of various skill levels. Projects take longer to complete, communication becomes more difficult, overhead rises, and, most importantly, client costs increase.

NVent wanted to change all of that.


Seamless Product Design and Production in Our Own Facility

colleagues working on a designNVent is an organization composed of hand-selected, highly experienced, electrical, mechanical, and software engineers who are experts in their fields. They are masters of innovative solutions to challenging engineering problems. They ensure seamless end-to-end new product introduction from concept, design, prototyping, and manufacturing.

In addition, NVent has its own electronics manufacturing facility. This facilitates design from the start of testability, manufacturing, and cost reduction, as well as design cycle time reduction. Our engineers are not recent college graduates, but seasoned professionals who have spent years in the electronics industry, designing everything from consumer products to military parts. Unlike old-school contract manufacturers, our engineers have immediate access to our assembly facility to work with manufacturing managers to design your product from the ground up. We can literally take your product from concept to full production. If you are creating potentially new, untested, even breakthrough technologies, NVent also offers a  feasibility study service to help define the scope of the project, reduce risk, and assess costs.

Significant Cost Savings

Our business model provides you with superior engineering talent, high-quality USA-manufactured products, and a significant cost savings over traditional contract engineering firms. We don’t subject you to confusing contracts. We offer simple, straightforward proposals—and these proposals will spell out clearly defined development stages, the approximate time frame to complete each stage, the cost of each stage, and the deliverables, right up front! For the first time, you will know where your money is going and, more importantly, what you will receive at the end of each stage.

Let us know how we can help bring your ideas to reality!

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