Military Expertise

CDS has been supplying electronics services to defense contractors ever since we were founded. At that time, over 30 years ago, we were providing printed circuit board layout services. Then, as CDS grew, we added printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly services. We had examined the available industry models for these two services and, not liking what we found, decided to begin offering them ourselves.

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Improve Supplier Control

The main problem with our competitors is poor supplier control. Those companies were using an ever-changing list of bare-board suppliers, many with dubious experience and quality standards. Each customer’s information would be sent to all of these suppliers, and the lowest price would get the business. Not only would sensitive information frequently wind up in the hands of prohibited overseas vendors, but quality control and vendor supervision were nonexistent. Our competitors did—and often continue to do—low-bid contracts whereby the cheapest supplier, not the best supplier, would get the business.

Responsive Manufacturing

Another problem that CDS discerned with competitors’ manufacturing and assembly services was that their assembly model simply wasn’t working. Defense contractors seemed to have a choice between small prototype manufacturers or large-volume suppliers. However, the production quantity for defense contractors typically falls between these two extremes. Small assembly shops lack the technical expertise and equipment to assemble complex boards, and they cannot support customers above a certain volume. Large-volume manufacturers are usually not interested in prototype work, only showing interest when the quantity reaches a certain volume.

fighter jetsCDS Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

However, CDS provides a different solution to all of these concerns. Our vendors are all based in the United States and are ISO-certified and ITAR-registered. CDS has worked with the same group of suppliers for over 25 years and will guarantee their craftsmanship. Of course, all bare PC boards come with a Certificate of Conformance and related test results for traceability. We simply ask that you provide an IPC-356D net list for proper net-list testing to the original CAD data.

Furthermore, CDS is uniquely positioned to provide assembly services from prototype to large-volume production runs. For small runs, our Rapid Response Team is a group of IPC-certified technicians who can custom-assemble boards by using a combination of hand- and machine-assembly techniques. Larger runs are accomplished on our three high-speed pick-and-place machines. These machines can handle parts in any configuration, placing any component that is available on the open market.

Finally, all of your products are inspected before they ship out to you. By using Automated Optical Inspection equipment or flying probe, CDS assures you that every component is properly oriented and soldered down to the correct IPC standard listed on your assembly drawing.

CDS has the military electronics experience that can handle jobs of any size and complexity. Let us know how we can assist you.