Management Quality Policy

  • It has always been the policy of Circuit Design Specialties, Inc. to provide products and services that consistently meet or exceed the customers’ needs and that set the company apart as a quality leader in the electronic services industry. 
  • Therefore, Circuit Design Specialties, Inc. will gain the customers’ trust and meet or exceed their expectations by consistently providing top-quality products, timely delivery, and responsive service while continually upgrading its knowledge, skills, and capabilities. 
  • In addition, Circuit Design Specialties, Inc. will provide products that comply with industry standards, specifications, and customer requirements.
  •  Circuit Design Specialties, Inc. and its employees accept responsibility for putting the needs of our customers first, maintaining a safe work environment, and providing products which meet the highest standards in our industry. 
  • As part of its desire to respond to customers and be a leader in the industry, Circuit Design Specialties, Inc. has implemented a quality program to maintain and evaluate its services while looking for new ways to make those services more beneficial and desirable to its customers.