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CDS, Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality and accuracy in every PCB assembly project. In order to achieve this goal, we ask that you please complete the following form and attach the requested information which will define the basic specifications needed to complete your project.

A. Complete and accurate bill of material with item numbers, reference designators, part descriptions, values, tolerances, suggested manufacturers, and their part numbers. Attach file Use our Excel BOM template. (https://www.circuitdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/BOM-Template.xls)

Or attach your files here:

B. Make sure your parts are properly ESD packaged and kitted to prevent damage in shipping, with reference designators, item numbers, and part numbers clearly indicated on the packaging. Any excess components will be returned to the customer after the contract is complete.

C. If you are providing parts, please include enough overage, especially on SMT capacitors and resistors (for tape & reel or cut tape- continuous strips of approximately 18 to 24 inches in length is preferred). If you order from Digi-Key, please specify continuous strips. Otherwise, they will send several small strips.

D. Send any necessary hardware for connectors, faceplates, ejector latches, and similar mechanical devices.

E. Once kits are received by CDS, we will verify and confirm we have a complete kit. Customer service will then notify you of the estimated ship date.

F. If available, ASCII data is preferred, otherwise, please supply Gerber and X-Y location information.

Attach your files here:

G. A Complete assembly drawing documenting any special assembly notes, processes, or mechanical operations. Assembly drawings can be attached to this in Acrobat (.pdf) file format or please attach your Gerber files containing this information.

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H. Any special shipping instructions: